Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

May bago ka bang business? Gusto mo din bang marami ang makakita ng Bago mong Business Online?  San mo ba DAPAT Ipromote ang iyong Business kung ito ay Bago palang, sa Facebook ba, Twitter, o Instagram?


The Facts:

Facebook Statistics

  • 1.4 billion monthly active users
  • 655 million monthly active users that are mobile only
  • 65% of Facebook videos occur on mobile devices
  • 40 million small businesses have Facebook Pages


Instagram Statistics

  • 300 million monthly active users
  • 75 million daily users
  • 20% of Internet users are on Instagram
  • 27% of the US population uses Instagram
  • 47% of Instagram users access the app on their phone and 53% on their tablet


Number of Twitter Users:

Last updated 10/27/16

Estimated Total Number of Twitter Registered Users:

1.3 billion
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Last updated 8/3/15

Unique monthly visitors to (desktop & mobile):

Last updated 11/20/15


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Average number of monthly visitors to Twitter that do not log in:

Last updated 12/10/15

Daily Active Twitter Users:

Last updated 10/3/13

Average Number of Followers per Twitter User:

Last updated 10/11/12

Number of Twitter accounts that have ever sent a tweet:

Last updated 4/14/14

Percentage of Twitter users that have tweeted, but not within the past year:

Last updated 4/14/14

Percentage of Twitter users that created an account and never sent a tweet:

Last updated 4/14/14

Percentage of active Twitter users that log onto it more than once a day:


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Last updated 11/21/14

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